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Who We Are EPAL SA is a leading European manufacturer of premium aluminum window and door solutions serving global residential and commercial markets. Our 100,000 sq. ft. facility located in Thessaloniki, Greece, is one of the most technologically advanced in Europe. We are proud to offer North American consumers the finest premium aluminum windows and doors. With over 30 years of experience and our focus on innovation, EPAL proudly delivers high quality, precision-built products with limitless design possibilities.
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CROSS SECTION At EPAL, we are inspired by aluminum’s strength and versatility in the production of our high-performance windows and doors. As a result, EPAL has become the partner of choice in a variety of discerning residential and commercial projects around the world. Our long-standing partnerships with Europe’s leading sources of raw materials and technology drive our state-of-the-art manufacturing process. In Canada, EPAL proudly offers CSA certified windows and doors that demonstrate the durability, energy efficiency and acoustic isolation that are second to none. Beverly Hills, California

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Windows and doors are among the essential, functional design elements that capture the unique expression of your project. Whether your project is residential or commercial, you can rely on EPAL’s aluminum windows and doors to deliver high-value, premium solutions. Our use of aluminum means limitless design and functional possibilities for your project. This is particularly true for large scale façades seeking maximum natural light with no impact on performance.
In keeping with our best-in-class philosophy, EPAL’s windows and doors employ hardware and mechanisms that are among the best in Europe and unrivalled in superior functionality, longevity and ease of use.
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Slide Oakville, ON Mississauga, ON 1 Window & Door Schedule Provide EPAL with the project’s window & door schedule or working building drawings with appropriate measurements. 2 Shop Drawings EPAL produces custom made shop drawings based on the project’s requirements outlined in the schedule/working drawings. Shop Drawings EPAL produces shop drawings based on the project’s requirements outlined in the schedule/working drawings. Note the information from the shop drawings is used to manufacture your customized project and therefore critical that measurements and requirements are accurate. 3 Final Approval At this stage, all parties have approved and finalized the shop drawings. The project is then placed in EPAL’s production schedule and EPAL will provide approximate arrival and installation timelines requested for the project. 4 Shipping Once production is complete, the contents are organized, securely packed and shipped overseas to North America in freight containers. 5 Communication At this stage, your project has left our factory. EPAL will communicate arrival and installation dates per your project timeline. Once the contents of your project arrive, we communicate again to confirm delivery to the project site. 6 Installation Our process is simple, and it works: we deliver and begin installation as soon as possible to meet the required completion date. You can also expect updates on the installation progress along the way. 7 After Sales Service After installation is complete, we commit to promptly address any questions that may arise. We strive to provide all our customers with excellent service and care at every turn. Project timelines and delivery schedules are critical to the success of every project. Our production to delivery lead-time is approximately 8 to 10 weeks and similar to domestic manufacturers. Our end-to-end process is shown below to illustrate just how easily EPAL brings your project to life; simply leave it to us.

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Slide Niagara on the Lake, ON EPAL’s installation teams have extensive training and experience ensuring each window and door installation is completed successfully. Our windows and doors are factory sealed; this important feature means the glass and aluminum frame arrive as one complete, sealed unit. Factory sealed windows provide two important benefits. First, the high quality and performance of our products is consistent relying on our in-house rigorous quality control and inspection process. Second, you benefit from significantly reduced installation time when compared to our competitors that typically install the aluminum frame and glass separately.

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Slide Burlington, ON Oakville, ON Your decision to select EPAL as your window supplier doesn’t stop after installation and completion of your project. In the unlikely event you encounter any issues, EPAL stands behind every window and door in the market. Our experienced service team will address and resolve the issues as quickly as possible to ensure you have peace of mind and confidence that your windows continue their top performance for years and years to come.

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E50 - Sliding System with Thermal Break
18000 Ultra K - Aluminium Tilt and Turn